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Changing Lives. Bringing hope.

Scores of orphaned children live in South Sudan, one of Africa’s harshest places. In campuses outside of Yei and Terekeka, lives are being changed and hope is being realized through the love of Jesus Christ.


We are always seeking short-term teams to join us in the work that God has called us to accomplish in His name. We particularly need teams skilled in construction, health care, dentistry, video and photography, VBS, teacher training as well as ministry to housemothers. If you are interested in organizing a team, or know someone who is, please contact Harvesters at info@hrtn.org. Read More

Adventures Under the Mango Tree: NOW AVAILABLE!

FINAL-Cover-smDALLAS-FORT WORTH —If you were to ask God how to best be of service in a troubled world and the answer you received was to “Sell all you have and go to Sudan”, could you – would you – do it? Could you really sell everything you own, leave your home and well-established life behind, and travel halfway around the world to live in a country best known for its civil wars and extreme poverty? Most of us, in all probability, could or would not. But that wasn’t the case for Dennis and Lillian Klepp, a Wisconsin couple who asked the question, received the answer and then stepped out in faith to do exactly what they felt God was asking them to do.

Their massive step of faith began in 1999, after Lillian heard a speaker talk about the plight of orphans and widows in Sudan. A short two years later, the couple said goodbye to friends and family and headed to the war-torn African nation to devote their lives to serving God. They have been there ever since, establishing orphanages…

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