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                                           Fishermen on the Nile in Terekeka, South Sudan. Photo credit: Emmanuel “Guya” Alison

      News outlet Radio Tamazuj recently broke   broader issues impacting the continent  would allow for South Sudan to become
      a story that South Sudan has made a move  and is a hopeful sign of intentional steps   not only self-sustaining, but also a major
      to join the Arab League under an “observer   being made away from isolation toward  economic force in the 21st century. At the
      status.” The Arab League, which was  cooperation. If accepted, South Sudan’s   moment, however, its resources need to
      founded in 1945, is a regional organization  Ambassador to Cairo will be the one in  be reorganized, standardized, and unified,
      of Arab states focusing on developing  attendance when issues concerning South  in order to get the maximum benefit from
      the economy, resolving disputes and  Sudan are discussed by the Arab League.   each of the individual resources.
      coordinating political aims. As of today, it   Per a 2014 article published by Executive  Although it is way too early to make any
      consists of 22 member countries.
                                            Intelligence Review,  Integrating  the  Nile  judgments, it is hoped that South Sudan,
      South Sudan’s Foreign A airs Ministry’s  Basin With Modern Transport, involvement  with its recent move, can benefit from
      spokesman Mawien Makol stated to Radio  with the Arab League will allow South   the involvement and shared vision of
      Tamazuj that, “The Arab League discusses  Sudan to be part of a potentially powerful  modernization in the League.
      important issues like the utilization of the  north-south axis of development that
      waters of the Nile River, so such a topic is   can serve to link the two most developed
      very important for the League. When those  countries that lie on opposite ends of the   NEW DEVELOPMENT:
      issues are discussed, South Sudan needs to  continent: Egypt and South Africa.   Uganda  Primary School Project  Update  2-3
      be present there.” Makol went on to clarify   The  Nile  Basin/East  Africa  region of   ORPHAN CARE: The Blessings of a
      that South Sudan is only interested in the   which South Sudan is a part is defined   Blended Family        4
      observer status, not full membership, so   by an abundance of water, fertile land,   DISCIPLESHIP: Paving a Path Toward
      they do not have to pay fees to the Arab   minerals,  hydrocarbons,  untapped  Peace                        5
      League and are not required to commit to   potential for hydropower, and large,   EDUCATION: Breaking the Cycle of
      other things.                                                                  Conflict Through Education      6
                                            young populations. The resources coupled
      This move by South Sudan demonstrates  with an improved, standardized and      HEALTH CARE: Healing the Wounds
      a  willingness  to  include  itself  into  the  interconnected  transportation  system   of Trauma          7
       SPRING 2018
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