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                                             Campaign Fund Tracker

         Since the o icial launch of the Uganda   MORE WAYS TO HELP
         Primary School project in Spring 2017,                                       CAMPAIGN STATS
         there has been an overwhelming     If you are interested in helping to
         response in raising the funds necessary   provide education to the 900+ students   CAMPAIGN GOAL  $456,429*
         to not only build Phase I’s buildings for   Harvesters is currently serving in South         $381,357
         the school’s opening in February 2018   Sudan and Uganda you can by becoming   RAISED TO DATE
         but for the building and completion of   an education sponsor. Harvesters’   - CAPITAL RAISED  $296,951
         the school entirely. The money to cover   Education program is o ering the
         this year’s operating expenses is also on   following sponsorship opportunities:   REMAINING OPERATING NEEDS
         hand, though additional funds will be          Sponsor A Primary
         needed for future operating expenses.          School Student                     $74,270 est.
                                                                                    *Updated goal reflects actual capital
         With this latest development, Harvesters       Only $19/month           expenses & estimated operating expenses for
         will begin construction of the remaining                                              4 years.
         school buildings this spring, including:       Sponsor A Hannah
                                                        Fund Student
                                                                                   CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW
              - 6 Primary Classrooms  (P2 - P7)         Only $84/month
              - 1 Teachers’ O ice
              - 1 Sickbay                   When you sign up to sponsor a student   PROJECT’S SCOPE
              - 1 Library                   you will receive information twice a year   Harvesters will build a Primary School
              - 2 Latrines                  featuring a di erent student each time   composed of 10 classrooms and associated
                                            who is benefitting from your support. It   facilities  over  the  course  of  four  years.
         Our goal is to complete this construction   is a great way to see how lives of both   The entire school will include grade levels
         by the end of 2018 but numerous    orphans and those in the surrounding   Preschool through Primary 7.
         factors throughout the year could   communities are benefitting from    MULTIPHASE CAMPAIGN
         a ect that schedule. As soon as we are   education.
         able to complete the construction and                                   Campaign Duration: 2017- 2021
         operationally plan for the addition of six   Sponsor today by calling (972) 941.4460   Starting April 2017 Harvesters launched its
         new grades (Primary 2 through 7), the   or visiting and   Uganda Primary School Project campaign to
         remainder of the school will be opened.   navigating to Harvesters’ education   raise funds for Phase I of the project.
         This means that when we finish, 450   sponsorship opportunities online.
         students will be attending Harvesters                                  FOLLOWING PHASES
         Primary School in Uganda!                                               Su icient funding is on hand for capital
                                                                                 expenses. During subsequent years funds
                                                                                 will  continue  to  be  raised  for  operating

         If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this project, please contact Diane Black by phone (979) 661-0046 or email

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