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BASIC NEEDS: Orphan & Widow Care                                                                                                         DISCIPLESHIP

         Life for orphans at Harvesters Reaching   is committed to making the best of their   photos one can see glimpses into the life of
         the  Nations is full of adjustments. The   opportunities at Harvesters and they treat one   this blended family that relies so heavily on
         circumstances that have brought most of the   another as they would their own blood. For   one another. In fact, it is their commitment to
         children to the campuses in Yei or Terekeka,   example, the girls o en tap into their maternal   serving one another daily that helps them to
         South Sudan are delicate topics to broach.   instincts and help with the smaller children   thrive together as a family.
         Some  had  mothers  die  in  childbirth,  others   by holding, feeding, and playing with them.   But beyond the walls of Harvesters’ campuses,
         had parents killed by warring conflict, and   The older boys frequently step up and help   these children want to help make their
         others have been jailed or are addicted to the   mentor the younger boys through activities   surrounding communities and their country a
         point of dysfunction. These children’s life-  like futbol (soccer) and bible study groups. But   better place to live as well. For example, Moses
         altering realities bring about a commonality   beyond these e orts, the children collectively   Andu, age 15, says “I want to farm so that one
         between them, and what they face together as   participate in chores consisting of cutting the   day all the people of South Sudan could have
         a blended family serves to make them stronger   lawn, cooking, farming, doing laundry, and   food.” Aaron Mawa, age 14, has a gi  of prayer
         individually.                       cleaning around the campus. Additionally, the   and a heart to serve as you can see in his photo
         If you were to have an opportunity to visit   sta  dedicates some of their free time to giving   above where he’s helping prepare breakfast for
         either  of Harvesters’ campuses in Yei and   the children attention and guidance when   everyone.
         Terekeka today, you would witness the   needed.                          Harvesters’ blended family, which consists of
         beautiful signs of unity, comradery, and   This past year, short-term missionary Josh   the children, sta , and supporters is what the
         teamwork both the children and sta  members   Gri is (pictured in the top center photo)   Lord is using in East Africa to foster a heart
         display with one another.
                                             captured some images of these hardworking   like His and is an example of what the body of
         On the whole, every child and sta  member   and loving children with his camera. In the   Christ is meant to be.
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                                             MY NAME IS MARGARET KIDEN. My friends   hope God will help me this year by giving me
                                             have been calling me Kubaya (koo-buy-ya).   understanding and love for others. Please
                                             This year I am in Primary 4 and am excited   pray for peace for our nation and that we will
                                             because I’ll be learning more about science   continue to be protected.
                                             and animals. I really like dogs, and I was
                                             glad I got to visit the one that lives with my
                                             relatives  over  Christmas  break.  I  also  got
                                             to enjoy playing with the neighbors there.
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                                             Lately God is teaching me that He is good. He   emailing:
                                             shows me this by listening to my prayers. I   or calling: (972) 941.4460

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