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                                                                                  Christian faith is the best and only hope for
                                                                                  restoring the nation. And the good news
                                                                                  is that people are taking notice. Peter’s
                                                                                  pastor remarks on his commitment and
                                                                                  says that because of his brotherly love for
                                                                                  others, many of the children on Harvesters’
                                                                                  campus and within the community have
                                                                                  developed a positive attitude toward church
                                                                                  activities. They are modeling his example of
                                                                                  servanthood through helping to clean the
                                                                                  church, getting the church ready for Sunday
                                                                                  service, sharing personal testimonies, and
                                                                                  working to memorize Scripture verses.
          Peter Likama (farthest le ) leading worship alongside Alex Danga, Isaiah, Eli, Akech,
          Robben, Joseph Nyoko, Daniel Aku, Jimmy, Mark & Benjamin.               Peter’s model  is  being multiplied  across
                                                                                  campus and these little “Peters” are at a
         PAVING A PATH TOWARD PEACE                                               young age being raised to approach life with
         In the midst of the turmoil that continues   of this new and rising generation of South   a servant’s heart that is founded on a love
         to embroil South Sudan, there is a visible   Sudanese. Peter Likama, just 18 years old,   for God and others. Perhaps Peter’s impact
         and active youth movement seeking to   is a living example for his community of   can best be captured in one of the church’s
         engage their leaders through social justice   how personal choices can alter individual   worship songs, sung with the music from
         movements that are calling for peace while   outcomes and influence societal change.   Peter’s guitar or piano in the background:
         also drawing attention to the widespread   Peter is already a recognized leader within     Anna Wedi Kulu le Yesua...
         pain and trauma that has marked the   the congregation and he loves to use his
         nation since 2013.  Headlining these more   musical gi s to lead worship and encourage   All I give to you Jesus...
         public campaigns are the leaders of the   the congregants through song. Through   For change to occur in South Sudan, a
         art movement in Juba and the non-profit   playing the piano and guitar, he is able to help   majority of the people must want it and
         Community  Empowerment  for  Progress   redirect the gathered community’s focus on   demand it from their leaders. Over half of
         (CEPO).  Other  youth are also  actively   fear toward a renewed focus on the source of   South Sudan’s population is under the age of
         engaged but in a less public display. These   their hope in the midst of daily trials.   24 just like Peter. While the e orts of many of
         youth believe this avenue also has the   Peter is also actively engaged in teaching   the nation’s youth who are involved in public
         potential to prove equally e ective in helping   stories from the Bible to the Sunday school   campaigns for peace are important, equally
         to change the trajectory of South Sudan’s   children. His  willing heart and  church   important are those like Peter, who in the
         current course.                                                          more quiet corners of South Sudan, model
                                              volunteerism serve as a visible and powerful
         As a case in point, at Harvesters’ Assembly   example to the gathered community each   peace and serve as examples of the type
         Church in Yei, orphans and members from the   Sunday of alternate choices available to   of change desperately needed. Thankfully
         community are weekly exposed to a visible   the South Sudanese youth. Despite natural   these examples are catching on, one voice
         model of personal devotion and activism   tendencies toward tribalism, Peter reminds   is inspiring another and this growing youth
         that also serves as a tangible representation   them through song and lesson that the   movement is challenging the old paths by
                                                                                  personally and collectively forging new ones.
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