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              Harvesters’ Grand Opening    Jande “Esther” Bero, Wani Konga & Augustino   Elizabeth Nyoka, age 16, is the highest
                Celebration in Uganda.       “Lojelle” Jelle attending Secondary School   ranking girl in Primary 8 in Yei River State.
                                                         in Terekeka.

        For most youth in South Sudan, education   PESS’s e orts focus on girl’s education   educating nearly 1,200 children each year
        is a luxury that seems too far out of reach to   primarily. The organization has provided   between their three primary schools and the
        attain. Whether it be traditional household   grinding mills for the villages where it built   organization’s Hannah Scholarship Program
        obligations or being constantly on the move   schools, thereby freeing the girls – who   (a fund created to further a child’s education
        due to insecurity, children are unable to   traditionally do the task of grain grinding – to   through Secondary Schooling and beyond).
        attend school regularly or at all.   go to school. In addition, they are currently
                                             funding 60 girls’ education to an existing   Against  all  odds,  students  are  displaying
        As of December 2017, UNICEF reported that   private secondary school primarily in the   remarkable resilience and even excelling in
        over half of the country’s children were out   Jonglei area of rural South Sudan. These girls   their studies despite the devastation and
        of school - the highest proportion of out-  are orphans or have unemployed parents   deprivations of war. Harvesters recently had
        of-school children in the world (amounting   due to the dysfunctional economy.   17 of its students graduate to Secondary
        to more than 1.8 million). These children                                 School and another student, Elizabeth Nyoka,
        remain at risk of recruitment by armed   As of February 2018, Harvesters’ primary   ranked the highest in her class in the Yei River
        forces and groups and, with traditional   schools enrolled more than 900 children into
        social structures damaged, they are also   their school program, a 200 student increase   state. In addition, Harvesters Primary School
        increasingly vulnerable to violence, sexual   compared to years prior. This sudden growth   in Yei ranked the highest in the state as well.
        abuse, and exploitation.             is attributed to the organization’s recent   When seen in the light of the overwhelming
                                             opening of its new school in Uganda inside   need, the examples from PESS and Harvesters
        Despite this alarming reality, there are   the Rhino Refugee Resettlement Center
        organizations like Project Education South   where it, when fully built, will accommodate   serve as reminders that a commitment to
        Sudan (PESS) and Harvesters Reaching the   450 students (70 percent of whom will be   national education in South Sudan is in reality
        Nations who are committed to providing   child refugees and 30 percent community   a commitment to individual students and each
        education and the tools these children need   children).                  student reached contains the potential to be
        in order to break the cycle of conflict and                               a vehicle of change within their communities
        oppression.                          In a short period of time, Harvesters will be   and country.
        Sponsor A Primary School Student

        For just $19/month
                                            By sponsoring a primary school student you
                                            are supporting a student attending one of
                                            Harvesters’ primary schools in South Sudan    YOU CAN HELP
                                            and Uganda. Harvesters’ schools go from    PROVIDE EDUCATION
                                            Preschool to Primary 8 and teach reading and   FOR REFUGEE CHILDREN
                                            writing, math, Christian studies and more.     IN UGANDA...

                                                                                    by visiting and clicking
                                               Give the Gi  of Education by        on the Uganda Primary School
                                                emailing:                  banner to give.
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