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                                                                                    “More than half

                                                                                    of South Sudan’s
                                                                                    children have
                                                                                    su ered abuse,

                                                                                    trauma and
                                                                                    hunger over the

                                                                                    past four years of

                                                                                    - UN’s Children’s Fund, Dec. 15, 2017

        Each year millions of children su er from   programs available to help care for children  some of their thoughts and fears. O en these
        trauma. Even adults are not immune. It is part   and adults who are su ering from trauma.  children worry about their relatives. For some,
        of the human experience in a broken world.   One of the best is the Trauma Healing  they miss relatives who have gone to refugee
        Dr. Diane Langberg, Co-Chair of the Trauma   Institute (THI), sponsored by the American  camps, concerned about the harsh conditions
        Healing Advisory Council of the American   Bible Society. Their work seeks to answer  there. For others, they have lost touch with
        Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute, says   the questions - How do people recover from  family members and do not know where
        trauma stands out not because it is rare but   trauma? Can the Bible help? What can the  they are. These unknowns cloud children’s
        because it is overwhelming.          church do?                          minds, leaving them distracted in school,
                                                                                 experiencing short tempers and sadness. One
        Trauma  occurs  when  a   person  is  Healing the Wounds of Trauma, THI’s   teen boy recently shared how he thinks over
        overwhelmed with fear, helplessness, or   program,  helps  local  churches  and  and over about the stories he has heard in the
        horror in the face of death. It can be the   organizations  provide  compassionate  villages and wonders if his brother is still there.
        result of physical or sexual abuse, domestic   responses to traumatized people in their   Unfortunately, he has no way of finding out
        violence, natural disaster, life-threatening   communities by training, equipping, and   and he is struggling to deal with that reality.
        medical  conditions  or  exposure  to  supporting local leaders. Their approach
        community violence. Traumatic experiences   is to equip those leaders with biblical and   Recognizing the importance of dealing with
        can have a devastating e ect on individuals,   mental  health  resources  so people can   trauma, Harvesters is focused on helping youth
        altering their physical, emotional, cognitive,   experience the life-changing message of   and sta  process through the trauma they are
                                                                                 experiencing, sharing their experiences and
        and social development, as well as their   the Bible. Their model, developed in Africa,   how it makes them feel, knowing they are
        spiritual well-being. It is o en hidden, not   provides basic mental health concepts   heard and cared for. It is Harvesters’ hope and
        seen like many physical wounds, yet it   within a biblical framework, using Scripture   prayer that their sta  and children will be able
        disrupts lives, destroys hope, isolates people   passages and composite real-life stories to   to share their fears, sorrows, and pain and
        from  themselves,  others,  and  God.  Trauma   help people connect the teaching with their   they will see how God cares for them and how
        is experienced by individuals, families,   circumstances. Their “train the trainer”   Jesus comforts those who are grieving.
        churches, communities, and even nations.   approach o ers narrative, experiential, and
                                             participatory lessons.
        South Sudan is one of those nations su ering
        from trauma. Tragically, decades of civil   Harvesters is participating  in  THI’s  trauma
        war has had a devastating impact. Health   program and recently sent missionary sta
        care and educational systems have been   to training in Uganda. Knowing  people
        decimated, violence rages, millions have   experience trauma both first and second-
                                             hand, they’re working with children and
        been  displaced from their  homes,  and   sta , encouraging them to share their stories
        hundreds of thousands of children have   through various methods such as talking,
        been  separated from  their  families.  There   drawing, and writing. Working in conjunction
        are countless stories of loss and adversity   with the local church and Pastor Hillary,
        throughout the country.
                                             Harvesters  has  held  two  trauma  healing
        Fortunately, there are organizations and   groups. They’ve seen young people share

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