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       March 9, 2019 DHL delivered care packages to orphans on Harvesters’ Yei campus. Photo credit: HRTN

      DHL, named a er its founders Adrian  packages delivered by DHL to a location in  morale. It shows them that people see
      Dasley, Larry Hillbloom and Robert  Yei, South Sudan. On March 9, 2019 three  them  and  care  about  them,  and  most
      Lynn, has grown to be the world’s largest  care packages filled with soccer balls, toys,  importantly, it shows them they are not
      logistics company. The company is  candy  and hygiene items were  delivered  forgotten.
      reputably known for its claim of being able  successfully to Harvesters’ Yei campus.
      to “deliver freight of any kind, to any place  The mission ended up costing more than
      via air, ocean, road or rail.”        $2K, but was something DHL was happy to
      Earlier this year one of DHL’s interns in
      their  Cincinnati  hub,  Abby Tuckerman,  For the children living on Harvesters’
      shared with her boss that this was not yet  Yei campus, being able to receive care
      the case for one particular location she  packages from across the world in a
      was aware of. In the back of Tuckerman’s  matter of days was something they had   Second from the right front is Abby Tuckerman
      mind she knew of a place close to her  yet to experience. Most of the time, these    with Cincinnati DHL team.
      heart that DHL had yet to reach, Yei, South  children wait months to receive letters
      Sudan - a place where she and her family  from their sponsors,  because there  is no   NEW DEVELOPMENTS:
      lived in 2015. It was in Yei where they  formal postal service for South Sudan.   Student Scholarship Campaign                     2-3
      served alongside local sta  on Harvesters  Instead, the children wait on traveling   ORPHAN CARE: The Wounds of War   4
      Reaching the Nations’ campus where they  sta  members to hand-carry and deliver
      loved and cared for orphans who had been  messages that connect them with their   DISCIPLESHIP: Even in Times Of War,
      and continue to be a ected by decades of  sponsors from across the world. While   It Is Well              5
      civil war in the region.              these children are accustomed to this    EDUCATION: Harvesters’ Vocational
                                            reality, when  packages or containers arrive   Training Center Reopens                         6
      Tuckerman’s boss encouragingly took note   or surprise visits from organizations like
      of this and made it the company’s mission   Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas   HEALTH CARE: His House of Hope Hospital
      to deliver what would be the first known                                       Actively Recruiting                 7
                                            Child occur, it li s their spirits and overall

       SPRING 2019
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