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      January 17, 2020: Law School graduate, James Bond Michael, celebrates with (le  to right) fellow  law student Emmanuel Mana, cousin
      Emmanuel Lotigo, younger brother Emmanuel Likambo, uncle Salah Michael and Harvesters’ National Director Mr. Mourice Akuno.

      For children born into a poverty-striken  For Bond, this milestone was far from  for their generation and generations to
      war-torn nation, the odds are against  his mind in his early years of education,  come. Inspiring goals like these motivate
      them. The definition of success is reduced  during which he recalls  “going to school  this program to continue providing further
      to the most basic principle: survival. As  just to follow the daily routine of waking  education opportunities so that kids, like
      tragic as that may seem, it is true for each  up, attending morning devotions, having  Bond Michael can earn a degree. For the
      child born in South Sudan.            breakfast, having a boring day at school  South Sudanese, his success serves not
      Through  the  dedicated e orts of    then finally anxiously waiting for the 5  only to tip the scale of justice, but also to
                                            o’clock bell to ring for supper.”
                                                                                  help tip the scale from surviving to thriving.
      humanitarian  organizations,  NGOs  and
      orphan care ministries, many South  However, by 6th grade, Bond’s perspective  Circumstances that once painted a
      Sudanese children have been given access  changed  a er  receiving  wisdom  bleak future for the children of South
      to  health care, education,  and  living  from missionary and grade school  Sudan are no longer holding them back
      facilities, helping them look beyond mere  administrator — Christina Copeland.  from achieving. With opportunity and
      survival. One organization in particular,  “Copeland encouraged me to value  encouragement coupled with hard work
      Harvesters  Reaching  the  Nations,  has  education, encouraged me to believe  and perseverance, Bond, and many other
      been operating in South Sudan since  that my dedication, determination, and  students, are paving the way to a brighter
      2001, o ering orphan care inclusive of  commitment to excel in academics will  future for themselves, their people and
      discipleship, education and health care.  be a major force of change, first to myself  humanity as a whole.
                                            and later to my su ering society which is
      During the ministry’s nearly 20 years of   su ering  not  because  of  its  own  fault,  but
      caring for orphans and those vulnerable,   as a result of poverty and illiteracy, which is   NEW DEVELOPMENTS:
      some of Harvesters’ oldest children have   wide-spread across Africa, especially South
      completed or are in process of completing   Sudan.”                            Come. Share Hope. Experience Hope.          2
      their education  plan and are on track for                                     HRTN’s 2019 Kids’ Clothing Campaign         3
      acquiring jobs within their respective  Bond is one of many students participating   ORPHAN CARE: Sponsoring A Life     4
      fields. One example is Harvesters’ alumn,  in Harvesters’ Hannah Scholarship Fund
      James “Bond” Michael,  who graduated  program. This program provides tuition   DISCIPLESHIP: Fighting to Forgive                 5
      from law school on January 17, 2020, and  for secondary school (high school),
      is in the process of completing a 9-month  vocational/technical  training,  college  EDUCATION: In Times of Doubt,
      bar program that will enable  him to  certifications, and degrees. Each Hannah   The Lord Fills Our Bowls                                      6
      practice law in his home country of South  Fund student has a common goal to   HEALTH CARE: “We’ll Get Through This”     7
      Sudan.                                make their country a better place to live
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