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      Harvesters’ founders Dennis and Lillian Klepp surrounded by children being cared for on HRTN’s campus in Yei, South Sudan back in 2015.

      By: Lillian “Mama Lilly” Klepp        providing basic needs to fifty orphans.   Harvesters’ children, many of whom have
                                            In the coming years, the campus grew to   completed  their  schooling  with  careers  in
      I remember traveling to Yei, Sudan (now   have a primary school, medical clinic, and   farming, health care, education, business,
      South Sudan) as if it were yesterday. Staying   continues to host church in the campus   technology, and law.
      in a motel in Arua, Uganda, the half-way   pyatt. By 2022, we plan to open a secondary
      point, I heard a knock on the door and   school in Terekeka to provide secondary-  As we celebrate Harvesters’ 20th anniversary
      opened it to see a jerry can filled with water.   level education for our primary school   this year, our vision for the future is to
      When told it was for bathing, I knew then   graduates.                      support orphans and those vulnerable in a
      my  life  was  about  to  change  forever,  and                             way that helps them, their families, and their
      we hadn’t even arrived in Yei yet. The next   The civil unrest that broke out in 2016   communities become stronger together.
      day and three flat tires later, we arrived in   resulted in more than 4 million South   We pray Harvesters remains steadfast yet
      Yei. So the journey into our new life began.   Sudanese fleeing their homes, many   adaptable. We desire to strengthen our
      Victims of war, the children started arriving   of whom now live in refugee camps in   children’s diversity and uniqueness through
      shortly after, growing our orphanage to 100+   neighboring countries like Uganda. In 2017,   their relationship with God, their extended
      orphans within a year. With the 90 acres   with an increasing need for educational   families and their communities, giving
      granted to us, we initially held school and   support,  the  Ugandan  government  invited   them confidence in who they are as Christ-
      Sunday services under the mango trees.   Harvesters to build and operate a primary   bearers. Because of all of our supporters,
      With extended rainy seasons we eventually   school in the  Rhino Refugee Camp.  By   this God-given vision has and continues
      built a school and church to be able to   February 2018, in just a year, we opened our   to come to light! Thank you so much for
      operate year-round.                   third primary school and currently serve 480   trusting in God, believing in Harvesters, and
                                            students in Uganda.                   being part of our family.n
      In our early years, after losing children to
      prevalent diseases, we knew something had   From small beginnings, we are now spread   NEW DEVELOPMENTS: 2020 Highlights            2
      to be done. We prayed, and God led us to   across three campuses, collectively caring   Secondary School Project Campaign Launch    3
      open a hospital in 2012 on our Yei campus.   for, discipling, educating and providing
      However, in 2016 civil unrest broke out again,   health care for more than 1,300 children   ORPHAN CARE:  This is Why I See HRTN As
      forcing us to close the hospital. Thankfully,   as well as employing 150 local staff. While   A Godsend                  4
      we have plans to reopen Harvesters’ House   Dennis and I no longer live in Africa, we   DISCIPLESHIP: Try Again               5
      of Hope Hospital in 2021.             continue to lead the board and travel to   EDUCATION: A Fresh Start               6
                                            the campuses to encourage and support
      In 2010, with God’s leading, we established   the African staff. We are so proud of   HEALTH CARE: Nearly Dead, But More Alive      7
      an  orphanage  in  Terekeka,  South  Sudan

      WINTER 2021
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