2020/21 Annual Report & Highlights

Harvesters Served
Individuals in 2020/21


General Fund & Sponsorships $ 1,043,048
Building Projects $ 103,197
Non-Bldg. Projects $ 101,328
Federal Grant Income (PPP) $ 95,287
In-Kind Gifts $ 6,200
Other – Program Svs Fees, etc. $ 5,472
Total Revenue $ 1,354,532

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Basic Needs (Orphan/Widow Care) $ 262,836
Discipleship $ 16,419
Education $ 302,438
Healthcare $ 65,921
Missionary Support $ 68,777
General & Admin. $ 300,090
Fundraising $ 231,754
Total Expenses $ 1,248,235

*Note: Programming expenses during COVID-19 were reduced due to local government restrictions.

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We are grateful to be in a position of providing basic needs, discipleship, education, and healthcare to orphans as well as vulnerable women and children in Yei and Terekeka, South Sudan and Arua, Uganda. It’s through the giving of sponsors, donors, grants and in-kind gifts, the work of our 150+ campus’ staff and U.S. based staff (8) that the below highlights and so much more were made possible in 2020. We praise God for the blessing of every person who has helped in the past, those that continue to help, and for those who will join us in the future!

Highlights by Program Area

• 148 Orphans cared for across 2 campuses
• Orphans are maturing & moving into leadership roles

Percentages reflect HRTN’s audited financial statement for Fiscal 2020.
For further info, refer to HRTN’s Independent Auditor’s Report and HRTN’s 990 form for 2020-21.