My name is Elizabeth Pita.

I’ve been loved by Harvesters since 2011.

A Harvesters’ visiting team member came across me while visiting the local Yei Civil Hospital in 2011. I was two years old at the time, terribly malnourished, weighing less than 15 pounds. I could barely sit up. My grandfather was there with me and asked if the visitors could help. Because of the severity of my situation, Harvesters considered taking me in upon the request from the visiting team member.

My grandfather explained those back in the village were troubled by my mother’s (his daughter’s) bizarre behavior (which was a symptom of her epilepsy). He went on to say that due to my mother’s illness she wasn’t capable of caring for me as she could hardly care for herself. This resulted in him trying to care for and protect me since I was born. He was doing the best he could but I needed more than he had to give. It was soon agreed upon by my father and Harvesters to have me join the Harvesters family where I now have 150 brothers and sisters!