My name is Nyoko Joseph Lasu (Miller Brown).

I’ve been loved by Harvesters since 2008.

Shortly after noon one day back in 2008, a lady with a tiny baby showed up at our clinic “His Merciful Hands.” Fortunately, we had a visiting medical team from San Francisco, CA who were able to evaluate and set up the care for this child in desperate need.

I was 3 months old, weighing in at just six pounds when I came to Harvesters. My mother was severely disabled and my father rather elderly so my aunt was caring for me back in our village. After I arrived I stopped eating, had severe diarrhea, and was the most severely dehydrated child Harvesters had ever seen. My family had come for milk from Harvesters’ formula feeding program, but I was so dehydrated that the only way to administer nutrition was through an IV. Harvesters knew that I needed saving. Praise God there was a medical team who had the equipment necessary to treat me back to health. I required around the clock care for many days. With a wash basin for a crib, a homemade blanket, a cap to keep my head warm and itty bitty socks they were able to “fashion” in a Neonatal-type nursery they had designated in one of the guest rooms on their campus. Beds were made for the rotation of nurses that would be required to care for me. So it seems I turned out to be quite the fighter! After several days on the feeding tube, I finally progressed to a bottle and just a few days later, I weighed in at 7½ pounds.

I officially joined Harvesters’ orphanage because my family was unable to care for me. My new name became Nyoko Joseph Lasu Miller-Brown! Joseph – because it’s the name of the pediatrician from the medical team who helped saved my life. Miller and Brown are the names of the nurses who sat up on rotating shifts to take care of my needs. It was a team effort plus the Lord who pulled me through to where I am today, so they thought it appropriate to give me a team name.