My name is Obediah Deng Dennis.

Harvesters has been loving me since 2003.

I was about four months old when my father brought me to Harvesters. My mother had died and my father was unable to care for me properly. He knew I would not survive unless I received help. So he traveled a great distance from our Dinka Tribe village to bring me to Harvesters.

When we arrived there I was very weak and sick; they could tell immediately something was physically wrong with me. I was unable to gain weight because I couldn’t keep my formula down most of the time. This caused me to become more and more frail. Something had to be done, so Harvesters took me to the hospital. Unfortunately, they didn’t feel anything could be done to help me so they did not admit me into their care. Harvesters felt it would not be long until died, so they sent for my father to come. When he arrived, he told them there was nothing he could do either, and left. Harvesters knew without God’s intervention I would die because there wasn’t a proper medical facility in Sudan at the time to help me.

Harvesters became frustrated watching another baby die. So they took me into one of their daily chapel services where each day they see the presence of God. It was in chapel where all of the children gathered around me and began praying for me.

Jehovah Rapha (The Lord that heals) answered the prayers of those children and since that day I began receiving the nutrition I needed to get stronger day by day! I’m a living example of the healing power of God!