My Name is Sarah Kiden.

Loved by Harvesters since 2004.

In October 2004, I along with my two brothers, came to Harvesters from the war ravaged Darfur region in northwestern Sudan. Our mother had died – killed by a bomb near the east bank of the Nile. The whereabouts of our father was unknown. It’s thought that he was likely killed on the frontlines of the war. Our uncle carried me from Darfur down to Yei; a journey that took us a month. I was three at the time and was infested with scabies and so malnourished that I couldn’t walk. My brothers, Samuel and Thomas, were in better physical condition.

When we arrived in Yei, our Uncle heard about Harvesters and brought us there. As you look closely my photo you can my her feet and hands were badly infected when I first arrived at Harvesters. My family at this point point had experienced so much pain and horror as a result of the war. Adding to our plight Harvesters soon discovered I had a prolapsed rectum due to worms and other parasites in my bowel. While challenged with these issues, they were still able to provide me love, care, and the medical attention I needed. After just a short time at Harvesters, I greatly improved…as evidenced by my second photo.