My name is Sikili Abraham.

I’ve been loved by Harvesters since 2005.

I came to Harvesters when I was four months old. Back in 2005, the LRA came into our village and killed my mother and set our tukul (hut) on fire. My father grabbed me and my two siblings and ran. We walked for many miles until a large vehicle picked us up. While we were driving, the LRA opened fire and the driver was shot in the head. Abraham, my father, went to jump out of the vehicle while both dropping and falling on top of me, injuring my chest slightly. He was brought to the town of Yei to a hospital to get help. I was naked and dehydrated—very malnourished at this point. The hospital had to put an IV in my head because I was so dehydrated. Someone from the Yei hospital went to Harvesters and asked if they would take me in. It was very sad to see how traumatized my dad was, his wife my mom had been murdered, our house had been set on fire, and now he was left alone to care for this baby.

My father took my hand and said something in my ear and left. After spending some time with Harvesters, my chest eventually healed allowing me to be able to sleep at night. I was being well care for by my new housemother and even had a warm bed and food to eat. But most of all I had the love the Lord!