Harvesters’ Primary Schools


The purpose of Harvesters’ Primary Schools is two-fold: to bring our students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to prepare them for success as an adult. To accomplish this purpose we offer an academically challenging curriculum for Pre-School through Primary 8. Classes include Agriculture, Arts, Bible Reading, Debate, English, Health Education, History, Math, Physical Education, and Science. We also provide at least one hour of study time and tutoring for our students. All of the students receive a healthy meal while attending our school. Our school year follows the South Sudan school calendar of three terms: February through mid-May, June through early September, and mid-September until early December.

Our primary school in Yei has consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the region. Our goal, however, is to be the top-ranked school in the nation, giving us an opportunity to offer our students the very best education possible in South Sudan. Each year we evaluate our educational offerings as well as our existing infrastructure. Improvements in these areas are made annually and address such issues as teacher training, small student group interventions, and learning conditions.


In 2002, we began holding primary school classes on our Yei campus for our orphans under our famous mango trees. By 2003 we built our first school building and began accepting students from the community. In 2003, we had 140 students. By the end of 2005, we had 430 students. The school was then and remains a big part of the Yei community today serving more than 500 students.

In 2011, with 46 orphans in our care on our Terekeka campus, we started school under the mango trees with 60 children (both ours and kids from the community). In 2012, we started construction on the first school building and finished the overall Primary School by 2015. It never ceases to amaze us at how much the local families in Terekeka aspire for their children to have an opportunity to become educated. In 2023, we served 613 students in the school.

For $24/month
you can support a Primary School student at one of Harvesters Primary Schools in South Sudan.