Hannah Scholarship Fund

Education has long been one of the four pillars of Harvesters’ evangelism efforts in South Sudan which include discipleship, education, health care and meeting the basic needs of orphans as well as vulnerable women and children. The purpose of our Education program is to develop a cohort of well-educated Christ followers who will serve as the future leaders of South Sudan and Uganda. In order to accomplish this, we focus on the wise, promising and dutiful cultivation of learning along with the development of academic skills and godly character through 3 onsite primary schools serving more than 1,000 students.

We also offer scholarship opportunities for Secondary, Post-Secondary and Technical Training for both our orphans as well as deserving children from the community. These opportunities are made possible through our Hannah Scholarship Fund which was established in 2008. With the first group of 17 students, we saw the potential that was available and exemplified by Hannah, who was a great woman of prayer. By pouring out her heart to God, He filled her and met her desire for children. Like Hannah’s children, our children are a gift from God and it is our privilege to care, guide and train them for the next phase of their lives.

The number of students eligible for our Hannah Scholarship Fund has grown substantially from our first 17 students in 2008. In 2019 the number of eligible students has nearly tripled to 62. Likewise, the necessary financial resources to support this program have also grown substantially, from $6,000 to a budget this year of $56,664.

We need to raise the funds to make this possible. Will you join us? An investment in the Hannah Scholarship Fund will create a significant impact – one that is both immediate and eternal for these children. Your gift, no matter the size, is important and it is a wonderful opportunity for us to work together for the full coming of God’s Kingdom. See below for a breakdown of our 2019 Hannah Scholarship Fund opportunities:

  • $202 ea – 42 Secondary School Students
  • $1,685 ea – 8 Medical School Students
  • $2,077 ea – 7 Business School Students
  • $2,568 ea – 1 Law School Student
  • $2,633 ea – 3 Engineering/IT/Science Students

Gifts of any amount and frequency are accepted and much appreciated!

For $84/month
you can support a
student’s further education through Harvesters’
Hannah Scholarship Fund.

Hannah Fund Student

Law Student

People keep asking why I chose to Study Law…

A law degree is very valuable because it teaches me to think critically, flexibly and analytically, to apply complex reasoning to complex sets of facts, and to develop, explain and implement innovative and fair solutions. That said, our profession suffers from a terrible amount of elitism, so that we have deluded ourselves into charging and paying “elite” prices for our credentials. This, unfortunately, decreases the public’s access to justice, and could be the undoing of our profession if we are not careful. The court systems in South Sudan are drowning in backloads in a system that batters the poor with unfair jail sentences and fines, without enough defense lawyers to stand up for them, even though they are theoretically guaranteed a right to a lawyer( Article 19 (7) of the South Sudan constitution) . The question I keep asking myself who will stand for such people but for the money? I said Here Am Lord use me. There is no better Joy than to do what God has willed for your life.