His House of Hope Hospital

Hospital for Women & Children in Yei, South Sudan
Est. March 2012

In 2012, we opened His House of Hope Hospital to treat women and children in Yei, South Sudan. The hospital, equipped with 40 beds, a maternity ward, special care nursery, x-ray and laboratory facilities, as well as housing unfortunately had to close in 2016 due to insecurity in the region. Our hope and prayer is to begin the process of reopening in 2022 to serve children and expand/ramp up as able to serve women security permitting.

Our chief medical goals at His House of Hope Hospital are to reduce illness and death from preventable and treatable disease, and to improve pregnancy outcomes by providing care before, during and after pregnancy.

WHY DO WE DO THIS WORK? Because in South Sudan…

  • 1 in 7 women have a risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth
  • Only 16% of the women receive any prenatal care
  • 1 out of 10 newborns will due before they reach the age of five
  • Less than 10% of children receive routine immunizations
  • 1 doctor per 600,000 people


  • Provide direct patient care to women & children
  • Train & disciple our 40+ staff members
  • Provide prenatal & community health education
  • Advocate for system improvement
  • Conduct professional training
  • Conduct research targeted at the unique health needs of South Sudan


  • An outpatient clinic for women & children
  • An inpatient facility for deliveries, surgeries & other care
  • Administration of vaccines & insecticide treated mosquito nets
  • An infant & child feeding program including:
    • lactation education,
    • feeding support,
    • counseling & support for HIV positive mothers
    • treatment of infants & children who suffer from malnutrition
  • Community health education as well as training & education for other healthcare providers
  • Evangelism & Discipleship program for patients

HHH Hospital Mission

Built on Harvesters’ foundational mission to provide discipleship, education and health care to orphans as well as vulnerable women and children, our mission at HHH is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a ministry of health care to women and children.

Are You a Medical Professional?

If you’re interested in serving in some capacity at our hospital, please visit our GO page to see what openings are available and how best to proceed.

Fundraising will resume when hospital reopens. Read More

2015 HHH Hospital Highlights

Babies Delivered
Women Treated
Pediatric Visits
Malaria Treatments

You can help us provide Healthcare services at our hospital by sponsoring a patient’s prenatal care & delivery, or treatment for a patient with malaria, or a patient who’s severely malnourished.