Arua, Uganda
Est. 2018

Since December 2013, perpetual insecurity in South Sudan has forced 4.3* million nationals to flee their homes for safety, and the numbers continue to climb.

With the invitation of Ugandan officials, Harvesters expanded its reach beyond the South Sudan’s borders and into Ugandan Refugee Resettlement Center in order to help provide education for both the South Sudanese refugee children and local community kids who are eager to learn. February 2018 we opened our Christian Primary School to 125 preschool students with plans to expand to Primary 7 over next couple of years. Today, we’re operating at full capacity with 33 school staff serving 516 students!

It is our hope by providing a quality Christian education, Harvesters can expand the reach of the gospel, foster self-reliance, and a longer-term solution for refugee children who have suffered from the trauma and disrupted social networks caused by the conflict in South Sudan.

*statistic cited from: February 2020

A Primary School composed of 10 classrooms and associated facilities. The entire school will serve 450 students and when fully built it will include grade levels Preschool – Primary 7.


In April 2017, Harvesters launched its’ Uganda Primary School Project campaign to raise funds for a primary school serving South Sudanese refugee children living in the Rhino Refugee Resettlement Center near Arua, Uganda. While originally expected to take four years, fundraising for capital (building) expenses along with the first year’s operating costs was accomplished in just one year!

Therefore, this portion of the campaign has concluded. During subsequent years, funds will continue to be raised for operating expenses.

Thanks to all who have so generously supported this campaign!
Harvesters still needs your prayers and support for the future years.

Join with us so that these children can have hope for a brighter future regardless of where they live.