Anna Peace

Hi there! I’m Anna, and this year I am in the top preschool class. I am good at singing and dancing, but I sometimes struggle with reading and alphabet sounds. I have also learned many new things in school like drawing and singing new songs. I love playing with my best friend, Rose. I always wake up early to sweep the campus before going to school, and I also participate in Sunday school.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The biggest difference caused by Covid-19 was staying home when all the schools and churches were shut down. It was difficult to meet with our outside friends. I’m very glad we did get to learn and worship on campus. My favorite verse in the Bible is from Exodus 14:14. Please pray for me to be obedient and make good choices, and also for peace in Terekeka. Thanks!


March 05, 2003
Terekeka, South Sudan