Bendita Tabu

Hi, I’m Bendita! I am in my first year at college pursuing a diploma in nursing. I am learning how to talk to patients because it has an impact on their healing journey. I am also taking lessons on psychology, microbiology, and physiology. I believe my life will never be insignificant because I will be resourceful to my community. I will be a nurse and also a teacher for people in the community on how to live healthy lives. I will speak the good news of Christ in my profession.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be in this scholarship. It is a beautiful opportunity and a light the Lord is shining on me. I am forever grateful for Harvesters and everyone who is supporting the ministry.  Thanks for letting God use you. I am also thankful for the one and only God by whom my life is given a purpose and meaning. Thank you!





August 25, 2003
Yei, South Sudan