Esther Towongo

Salam! My name is Esther, and I am in Primary 4. In my free time, I really enjoy reading, writing, and playing with my best friends, Scovia and Neema. Right now, I am struggling with social studies subjects but have enjoyed learning more about ways to use the land. When not in school, I spend time helping around campus by sweeping and cleaning the church.

I like to go with my friends to church, and we have been learning about how to obey our parents and ways for me to be a good girl. Things have looked different this year, but I have been happy to pray under the mango tree and learn how to grow crops. My favorite Bible verses are Isaiah 57:1-2 and Romans 12:19-21. Will you please keep my family and South Sudan in your prayers? Thank you!


June 30, 2011
Yei, South Sudan