Grace Nyoka

Salam! I’m Grace, and I am in Senior 3. This year, I am focusing on my strengths and how to live a life of purpose. I am a very outgoing girl with many talents. I love to sing and am the leader of the church worship team. I also like to write songs and play the guitar and keyboard. On campus, I help out by working in the garden and sweeping our dorms.

In church, I’m learning how to run a heavenly race and how to build a strong foundation. My favorite Bible passage is 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, and I like the story of the woman and the dragon. I also enjoy the worship song, “Everything,” by Ada. Will you please pray for the spiritual walks of all humans, that the lost will search for salvation and deliverance? Thank you!



January 01, 2004
Yei, South Sudan