Hellen James

Hi there! I am Hellen, and I am in Secondary School. I sometimes struggle with my education, but am working hard to hopefully become a nurse some day. I have a lot of good friends, and we like to dance and sing. My responsibilities are teaching the young ones in Sunday School and sweeping around campus. I also like to help with cooking, pumping water, and washing plates.                                                                                                                      

I observed different things during Covid-19 including no handshaking, and staying at home with school closed. However, the good thing is that we learned more domestic skills like gardening and cooking. In church, I have been learning about loving one another like Christ does. My favorite Bible verses are Acts 2:38 and Romans 3:23. Pray to God to give me the knowledge to perform well in my education until I am finished.


January 12, 2001
Terekeka, South Sudan