Hope Solomon

Hello!  My name is Hope, and I am in my first year of secondary school.  I am thankful, as less than 1% of people in my country achieve this level of schooling. I have many friends and I like spending time with them. I also enjoy drawing and coloring. Others would describe me as being a funny girl. I have been learning this year how to better relate to different people. I help out on campus by cleaning the house and dining hall. 

I love to sing in church choir. A key thing God is showing me is how to deal with my past. Life can be hard, but we can rely on Him to help us through. My favorite Bible verse is Acts 20:35, which talks about helping those who are weak by remembering the words of Jesus that you are more blessed to give than to receive. I ask that you please pray for the Harvesters’ family and for South Sudan.  Thank you!




July 05, 2009
Yei, South Sudan