Isaya Meta

Hello from Yei! I hope you are doing well, and God is pouring blessings upon you! I have officially completed secondary school and my final exams. I’m currently on Harvesters’ campus in Yei and deciding how I will spend my gap year, while I await my exam scores. I am doing wonderful and overjoyed that I have completed school. It has been a dream of mine for my entire life.

In school, my favorite subjects are history and geography. Once I am prepared to enter a university, I would like to pursue leadership management and business. Right now, I enjoy spending my time growing and cultivating the crops on campus, as well as attending worship services. My favorite Bible passage is Psalms 91, which describes God’s protection of His beloved children. Will you please continue to pray for me? Thank you!


August 12, 2002
Yei, South Sudan