James Lodule Gore

Hi! I’m James, and I’m in Primary 4 this year. I have been learning how to solve harder mathematical problems and memorizing Bible verses. One of my best friends is Warnyang, who is our soccer team trainer. I really enjoy playing soccer and singing songs in church. My responsibilities on campus are leading songs in church, sweeping around the campus, and sharing the word of God during morning devotions.                                                                               

During Covid-19, I have struggled with anger but am thankful to have a place like Harvesters to stay during this time. Schools and churches were shut down, but I had the opportunity to continue learning on the campus, and I am grateful for that. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 14:15. Will you please pray for my mother who is mentally ill, my future, good health, and spiritual growth?


September 01, 2010
Terekeka, South Sudan