Jessica Abel

Hello! I’m Jessica, and I am excited to have graduated secondary school and am currently in my gap year as I prepare for the next step on my path. My desire is to contribute to the community by serving in public health. I have many friends and I enjoy spending time with them. They would describe me as happy, loving and caring. My responsibilities on campus include helping in the kitchen and keeping the dorms clean. 

In church, I have been learning about depending upon the Lord and laying hold of the invisible. My favorite Bible verse is John 2:17 which talks about being devoted to the house of God. I know that with the Lord, I can build on my past and pursue His purposes for me. Will you please pray for my future, for my friends and the Harvesters’ family, and for peace in South Sudan in the upcoming elections? Thank you!




October 25, 2004
Yei, South Sudan