Juma Bero

Hi there! I’m Juma, but go by my nickname, Bero-le. I am nine years old and in the middle preschool class this year. I am working hard to write my numbers and draw new pictures. Covid-19 has caused schools to close, so right now I am back on campus instead of in Kampala. Hopefully, we can find a school that is closer to Harvesters to assist in my physical therapy. My best friend is Reja, and we like to play games together. My chore on campus is to collect trash and help keep our rooms clean.

I am still struggling with walking but am getting stronger everyday. I have also been working on controlling my emotions. I can get easily upset when things bother me. Overall, I am a happy boy and enjoy worshipping God. My favorite Bible story is the story of Moses. Will you please pray for me to gain strength in my legs, so I can kick a football?


February 03, 2012
Terekeka, South Sudan