Lado Legge Kulang

Hello! My name is Lado, but most people call me Ladu Modo. I am in middle preschool class this year. I have learned all of the alphabet and can easily count 1-100. My best friend is Bero Juma, and we love doing our chores together. We sweep the campus and pick up trash. For fun, I like playing soccer and playing games.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

In church, I sing in Sunday School and have learned a lot of new songs. Covid-19 has affected us in many ways. We have had to wash our hands regularly, and had to stay on campus at all times. My favorite passage is from the book of Psalms 23. Will you please pray for Covid-19 to go away, so that school can be normal again? Thank You!


February 01, 2015
Terekeka, South Sudan