Legge Laku

Hi there! My name is Legge, and I am in Primary 5 this year. I am good at reading but struggle in math. My best friend is Stephen John, and we like to play football and soccer together. This year, I have also enjoyed learning new songs and dances. Some of my responsibilities on the campus are sweeping the church, cleaning up after meals, and fetching water. I also like to cut wood and sing in the church choir.                                         

During the period of Covid-19, I have experienced many strange things like churches and schools being closed down. I also couldn’t meet my friends outside of campus. In church, my favorite verse to read is Genesis 1:3 because it reminds me that we are the light of the world. Please pray for my education, good health, and peace in my country.


June 06, 2007
Terekeka, South Sudan