Mourice Akuno

Greetings from Yei. I have been very busy, and many new changes have happened in such a short year! As Harvesters works to grow into the communities, we have worked very hard to begin many new programs on our campuses. Our schools are rapidly growing and have an excellent reputation. We are also proud of our widow empowerment program, as well as the creation of many new trauma care initiatives.

Personally, this was a difficult year for me. I spent a lot of time traveling to help care for my ill mother, as well as be with family after her unfortunate passing. During this time, I was grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful staff who could support where I wasn’t able. I’m thankful for your sponsorship and glad to have someone praying over me to give me strength and guidance. I ask that you continue to pray for Harvesters and its ongoing mission. Thank you.


October 24, 1964
Yei, South Sudan