Olivia Taban

Hi there! I came to Harvesters 3 years ago with my father, grandmother, and twin brother, Oliver. I was only 5 days old and very sick with pneumonia and dermatitis. Sadly, my mother died during childbirth and my family needed help to care for my brother and I. God led us here where they started us on the Formula Program for health monitoring. Our health immediately improved, and we’ve been strong ever since! Although we were only supposed to stay a short time, our father grew ill last year and passed away in the hospital. I’m very blessed to receive the love and care from everyone here.

My brother and I are very joyful children, and everyone loves to be around us. We love to play with the bigger kids and be loved on by the older ladies. Will you please pray for me to continue to stay healthy and grow big and strong?


December 03, 2018
Yei, South Sudan