Zacharia Tongun

Greetings! My name is Zacharia, and I’m in Senior 2. This year, my favorite classes are chemistry, biology, and Christian studies. For fun, I enjoy playing soccer, swimming, and fishing with my friends. They would describe me as nice looking, smart, and sensible. My favorite memory from last year was when we celebrated Christmas on campus. We received nice gifts and had fun together.

I am really excited about how God is working in my life, because He has used loyal servants to raise and support me. My favorite Bible story is of the prodigal son who was reunited with his father. I feel this is a relatable story to my life, since I was lonely, but Jesus found me and renewed my life. I kindly request you pray for the people of Terekeka. Thank you!


January 25, 2004
Terekeka, South Sudan