July 17th, 2016: We have some exciting news to share regarding a film project we’re involved in. A group of filmmakers, in collaboration with Liberti Church network, SAVETHEFACE and Water is Basic, is looking to capture new life being born into South Sudan through the eyes of an expectant South Sudanese mother and her family. This documentary will be filmed within the Yei community and specifically on our campus at Harvesters’ His House of Hope Hospital.


South Sudan is the most dangerous place to have a baby in the world because of malnutrition, disease, a lack of doctors, ongoing civil unrest and a lack of transportation. When it is time to deliver, mothers must walk for hours and sometimes days from their village, through the bush to the nearest hospital, if there even is one. Many mothers deliver in their tukuls (mud huts) unattended by any medical professional.

This film will walk alongside an expectant South Sudanese mother to experience the days leading up to the delivery of her baby in the newest nation of the world. They’ll show her journey from her village to Harvesters’ His House of Hope, where she will receive pre-natal care and a safe place to have her baby.

The filmmakers want to answer the following question: What are the motives for raising a child in South Sudan where the dismal realities of malnutrition, disease and civil war loom over a child’s existence? Is there a feeling of joy and honor that transcends those realities? The filmmakers recognize the natural tendency for humans to want to pass something on, a legacy, a child, a family, but that alone doesn’t lend to itself to understanding motives in the cultural context of South Sudan. These filmmakers, however, are going to explore “why” through the eyes of an expectant South Sudanese mother and her family, and in doing so they will tell us their story.


At Harvesters we believe this unique opportunity will cause viewers to reflect on the universal hope that seems to prevail in even the darkest of times and places. We hope this film gets people to dig deeper into where their hope is rooted. Is it a hope in the things of this world? Or, is it a hope in something greater? A hope in Christ.

We’re thrilled by this opportunity and we’re so very grateful for the team the Lord has brought together to make this a reality. We’d appreciate your help in getting the word out.


The cost to do this documentary is $12,000. An Indiegogo campaign was recently launched here to help bring this creative project to life.

If you’re interested in this project and helping it come to reality, please visit the New Life Indiegogo page where New Life film -makers are in the process of raising $12k by August 17th.

Have questions? Please email [email protected].