Solomon School Project – Education

Students in new Terekeka classroom
A Primary School in Terekeka, South Sudan
$350,500 Budget
$284,087 Raised to Date!
$66,413 Left to Raise
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Solomon’s Project – Terekeka is a far-reaching effort to build a Primary School in Terekeka, South Sudan inclusive of classrooms, a library, an assembly hall with kitchen/dining facilities, teachers’ dormitories, an office and associated ancillary buildings.

Solomon was a truly noble man with a far-reaching intellect. When presented with the opportunity to have anything he wanted, he chose wisdom in preference to riches or honor or long life (1 Kings 3:5-14). Like Solomon, our students seek wisdom, not only through knowledge gained in their academics, but through their development as young men and women of Godly character. They are growing in their faith, desiring to become wise leaders with discerning hearts.

The need to offer a high quality education to the children of the Terekeka region in South Sudan is significant. Our school in Terekeka now offers a basic education to 110 students, including our orphans and children from the community. But there are many other children who need to come. To help meet the growing needs of our community, we are expanding our school.
When fully built, our school in Terekeka will serve up to 400 children in grades Pre-School through Primary 8. Classes will include Agriculture, Arts, Bible Reading, Debate, English, Health Education, History, Math, Physical Education, Science, and at least one hour of study time. All of the students receive a healthy meal while attending our school.

Construction of our school in Terekeka is well underway! To date, 7 classrooms have been completed, along with the teachers’ office, library, one teachers’ dormitory and other ancillary buildings including latrines, fencing, storage, etc. We still have more work to do…4 more classrooms to be built along with another teachers’ dormitory, the kitchen/dining/assembly hall, housing for school administrator/director and a few more ancillary buildings such as generator, latrine, etc.

We want our children to follow in Solomon’s footsteps and have wise and discerning hearts to serve their country. 
We hope that you will prayerfully consider becoming a part of our vision. There is more work to do and you can help us make visible the Kingdom that is already among us.

If you would like additional information about Solomon’s Project, please contact Harvesters’ Director of Development, Diane Black at [email protected] or at 979.661.0046.

If you would like to make a one-time online donation to this campaign, please go to our online giving page here and select the Solomon School Building Fund. If you would like to make a pledge with a payment schedule that meets your needs, please contact Diane Black. If you want to send a check, it can be mailed to our office at 2001 West Plano Parkway, Suite 3432, Plano, TX 75075.

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