The Crucial Role Played By A Teacher

Regina’s message only hints at the difficulty of her circumstances and what it’s like to continue to live and work in South Sudan today. With the constant threat of violence, rampant inflation putting most of life’s basic necessities out of reach and uncertainty about the future, the crucial role of teachers and their impact on children is highlighted more than ever.

In the following poem written by sixteen-year-old teacher Aindrila, she portrays a story of an uneducated individual who assails into darkness, numbness, and gloom. She finds guile everywhere and no innocence. As her poem reads on, hope transcends the darkness through education as a teacher illuminates her student’s mind, once dark, with knowledge that brings with it light and hope for their lives.

Teacher, The Panacea

Why is there darkness all around?
Why with numbness am I bound?
O gloom! How savage is your presence!
Why is there guile and no innocence?

My soul yearns for light.
Oh Lord! Let my soul burn bright.
Give unto me knowledge, wisdom, and a goal.
Light a flame, illuminate my soul.

“Divine Being!” said the Father.
“Education is the fire
that takes you higher.
Teacher is the being
who illuminates your being.”

Thanks to the unswerving dedication of teachers like Regina, children in South Sudan have an opportunity to learn from Christ-centered instruction, develop leadership skills and change the expectations for their future, impacting their country for generations.

© Aindrila Chakraborty
Published: May 4, 2018 Source: