A Part of the Solution

Author: James Bond Michael


My name is James Michael and I want to share with you my story. I have lived in desperation. My mom died during child labor when I was 6 years old because there were no maternal hospitals at the time, and my dad died with a strange illness which caused him to lose weight til his death a year before my mom died. It was terrible for me and my two siblings. My grandma took us in. Life was not easy for me. I ate leaves and some wild fruits for food. I wore just underwear for many months because I lacked clothes, and I slept on the floor of our tukul (hut) where ants would bite me throughout the night. On many occasions I nearly died because no one could take me to the hospital.

During this period I never attended school. Luckily, I was brought to Harvesters Orphanage where life dramatically changed for the better. I can proudly say I am a 2nd year law student at one of Africa’s best universities. All the difficulties I went through didn’t affect my study, but strengthened my faith to study harder. People often say orphans are “nobodies” and do not succeed in life, and as such we are marginalized for being what we are by our culture (it’s not what we chose for ourselves). But I persist to study hard and excel in school, because I believe I can be a part of the solution in my country.

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