A Plea For Prayer

Author: Agnes Alex

My name is Agnes Tumalu Alex and I work as the nurse on Harvesters’ Terekeka campus.

Since South Sudan’s independence, our country has been handicapped by the competing interests of powerful political actors and the factions and interests they represent – which has made many people, including me, face either crisis or emergency levels of insecurity.

This past year I had to relocate from Yei town to Terekeka because it became unsafe for me to stay in Yei. While it wasn’t easy for me to leave my home, I know God has a purpose in having me in Terekeka right now so I can be a nurse to the children and others in need here.

I truly thank God for this calling He has placed on my heart. As a nurse, I get to be a responsible member of the community caring for the sick no matter what their race, tribe, color, politics, or social status, sparing no effort to conserve life, alleviating pain, and promoting health.

Despite what is going on in my country, I remain hopeful on several levels. Here are just a few of the things I’m hopeful for…professionally I’d like to improve upon my nursing skills so I can further help the people of South Sudan, especially orphans. Personally, I hope and pray to see my parents again, who as of now are living in the Congo (DRC) because of the war. But ultimately I’m hoping for peace to break the cycle of destruction this nation has been in for decades.

In my hoping for these things, we South Sudanese need your prayers. As Christians we know prayer is the key to having hearts opened to love each other. So please pray with us that the people in South Sudan choose to exchange their guns for Bibles and recognize that lasting peace will only come about through acts of forgiveness and reconciliation.