An AutoHealer’s Hope

Author: John “Autohealer” Loki

lokiprofileMy name is John “AutoHealer” Loki and I’d like to share some of my feelings with you regarding the current situation in South Sudan…

Every day when I think of South Sudan, it hurts. I thought our parents fought and that we’d be the generation to enjoy South Sudan, but to my surprise people are still picking up guns and fighting.

This past year I lost contact with my family at one point. Fortunately I was able to connect by phone with one of my brothers whom I learned had left his home and 3 children to live in the bush. This is what he said when we last spoke, “I worry about my family, I don’t know when this war and ethnic conflict will stop.”

My brother continued on sharing about the shocking realities of living in the bush. He proceeded to end our talk by saying to me “I thank God for Harvesters and their support for you in your schooling, glad you got to go to school… Study hard and we hope to see you if we can.” I absolutely lost hope when we hung up that day.

As I approach my 26th birthday this March, I’m reminded to live day by day. Having one brother in the bush and another having recently passed I know I cannot squander the opportunities God has given me. I’m fortunate right now to be able to continue with schooling for mechanical engineering, of which I am skilled. I chose the nickname “AutoHealer” because once I complete school my hope is to be able to repair and bring things back to it’s normal way of operation – which there is much need for in South Sudan.