Being Strong So Others Won’t Fear

Author: Martin the Security Guard

Hi my name is Martin and I’ve been working as a security guard on Harvesters’ Yei Campus for several years now. As a guard, I take care of people. People can be afraid. So, I watch out carefully and try to be strong so others won’t fear.

Things here in South Sudan are bad. I often think to myself – When is it my time to die? Since things here are so unpredictable, it makes it really difficult to make decisions. For example, this past fall I planted my garden 5 miles in the bush, but now I can’t go and harvest my garden because it’s too dangerous to get there. I know my not being there will lead other people to take my harvest for themselves. I guess they needed it more than my family.

Living in these unsafe times I have experienced firsthand the protection of the Lord. One night a group of men came to our village and killed people. At the time I was holding a baby, so these men didn’t kill me even though they argued over it. Instead, they told me not to leave home. So I still live there, even though it is dangerous because if I relocate, they’ll think I’ve told on them. It is a tough place to be and makes me pray every day, asking God to protect my family each night before we go to bed.

I hope God will hear the prayer of our people for peace so people can live in unity under one nation. Peace after all determines whether schools are open to teach, jobs are available to work, and hospitals are able to operate. Even our travel on roads is dependent on peace. Will you please pray for God to work in our hearts helping us become a nation of reconciliation so there will be no need to fear anymore?