Delivered Out Of Darkness

Author: Michael Yemba

My name is Michael Yemba and I was born and raised in what is now South Sudan. In 1993 my beautiful wife Rose and I married and began our life together in the Middle East. Unfortunately, one of the darkest times of my life happened there when I was arrested and imprisoned for my Christian beliefs. Facing certain death, God intervened through former United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Robert Jordan (pictured above). Ambassador Jordan saved my life by interceding with authorities, obtaining my release and arranging for me to come to the US. Here, I’ve received pastoral training and a Masters in Global Missions & Evangelism so that I can preach the Gospel to the lost and help equip leaders in my home country.

As I write now, the suffering of my people rages high. The state of South Sudan is one of gloom, and even though I’m no longer living there it affects me deeply and personally. I feel pain in my heart seeing the destruction of the blessings God has given us, but I continue to hope that the heart of my home country becomes a heart after Jesus Christ and values the importance of God in their lives.

This July marks the 6th anniversary of South Sudan’s independence, and it is my prayer for people to continue to invest in the gospel teaching and preaching of Jesus Christ because it is the only way to be delivered out of darkness, I know.

While my wife and I would like to return to a restored South Sudan one day, for now I will continue preaching at my church, working at EmpowerOne, and serving on the Board of Trustees at Harvesters to make a difference for my home country.