Expecting Peace

Author: Helen Yangi Simon


My name is Helen Yangi Simon and I would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the current situation taking place in my country, South Sudan, as well as a request I have for you. Some years ago there was an ongoing war, which many of us my age didn’t directly experience but our parents did. Since that time we were able to experience some semblance of peace, at least in Yei town where I was raised. In fact in 2011 we gained our independence, which made me and the others I grew up with at Harvesters orphanage hope the war was over for good. But today conflict continues to linger on the surface of our landscape, and I now fear whether we can ever really have a lasting peace in my country.

To this day, I often find myself asking God, “Why can’t South Sudan be like other countries?” or “Are we meant to suffer and not enjoy any lasting peace?” During these seasons of doubts I cling to God’s Word where I seek encouragement and pray. I specifically pray for God to give us God-fearing leaders who will help bring about a change for the better. I still believe God has blessed me and others from my generation and those behind me to lead South Sudan toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

So despite what is happening now, I want you to know many of us still remain hopeful that our country can experience peace. But until that times comes the best thing we can do together is continue to pray for our country and our leaders. This is my request to you. I’m hoping you will Hope With Us in our prayers.

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