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Considering sponsoring one or more of our primary students? By sponsoring a Primary School Student, you are helping to support the cost of a student from the community attending one of Harvesters’ Primary schools in East Africa. Our schools offer classes from Preschool – Primary 8 and teach classes in reading, writing, Math, Science, Christian studies and more. We host a multi-sponsor program allowing for students to have multiple sponsors. A multi-sponsor model allows for us to better meet the cost of education while also making it more affordable for folks to be able to sponsor a student. Please note: We’ve made available a selection of students to sponsor, who represent a much larger number of students from the communities who attending our schools.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs below or call our home office at (972) 941.4460.

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Name: Aaron MawaCampus: Arua, Uganda

Name: Agnes ApaiCampus: Yei, South Sudan

Name: Alfred Lodu KulangCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P3

Name: Anania Lodu AngeloCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P1

Name: Angelo Lodu LomuCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P4

Name: Anthony BarakaCampus: Yei, South SudanGrade: P5

Name: Asiki Isaac TeiphilusCampus: Arua, Uganda

Name: Asiki MalishCampus: Yei, South Sudan

Name: Augustino JelleCampus: Arua, Uganda

Name: Bakita Yiko BeroCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P5

Name: Benson AmosCampus: Arua, Uganda

Name: Bero WaniCampus: Terekeka, South Sudan

Name: Carlo Gore SantinoCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P5

Name: Celina NasyhimCampus: Yei, South Sudan

Name: Chaplain BidaCampus: Yei, South Sudan

Name: Clement Wani PeterCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P1

Name: Cosmas KerryCampus: Yei, South SudanGrade: P3

Name: Daniel Kenyi AngeloCampus: Terekeka, South SudanGrade: P4

Name: David TabanCampus: Arua, Uganda

Name: Dickson WuseCampus: Yei, South Sudan

Frequently Asked Questions

Harvesters’ promotes student sponsorship because we believe such activities are a natural response to the Bible’s call to transform this world through the message of the gospel of Christ.