Benson Amos

Hello, I’m Bala and I completed Senior 4 this past year. I’m no longer living on campus but am residing in the community. Harvesters is having students like me who’ve finished S4 start a “gap year.” The “gap year” is where I’m learning to work and provide for myself. Fortunately, Harvesters has hired me to help with the laborers. Once I’ve gained some more experience in taking care of myself and once my S4 results come in during the fall, I will then know if I’m going to be eligible for future education through the Hannah Scholarship Fund.

My biggest prayer is that I did well enough on my exams and can continue on with my education so I can pursue a degree in graphic arts and design. I’ve been a leader on campus helping bring peace between others. I also participated in a class to learn more about trauma and healing. I hope to put what I have learned into practice in all areas of life. Right now, my relatives are still far away, but God has taught me more about trusting in Him to watch over them. Please pray I follow the Lord’s will for my life. Please also pray for my relatives’ safety and for them to be able to return to the area soon.

You can help support further education by giving to the Hannah Fund.

Arua, Uganda