Emmanuel Lomoro

Hello, my name is Emmanuel, but most people call me Lomoro. This is a big year for me because I just completed Secondary School! I’m no longer living on campus but am residing with extended relatives in the community. Harvesters is having students like me who’ve finished S4 start a “gap year.” The “gap year” is where I’m learning to work and provide for myself.

I had some extra stress this year with relatives at home and some issues here, but God saw me through each one and I am thankful. Over the past year, I have come to truly see God is the Creator, and that the theories of science that say otherwise are not true. I have enjoyed learning more about medicines, mechanics and music this year. Please pray for me to learn more of who God is and what He has for me in the future. I am hoping to go on for further studies – when possible.

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Arua, Uganda