Jande Bero

Greetings! I am Esther Jande and I’m almost 17 years old. This year I started Secondary 2. I have 12 subjects, and my favorites so far are Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. In the future I hope to become a nurse, so I will continue to study hard in my science classes. My close friends on campus are Modo, Kaka & Chekka, and they listen to and help me. Rebecca Kakule is my best friend off campus, and she is near and dear to my heart.

In my free time, I enjoy needle working to create beautiful designs. I am also still the primary female vocalist in the church choir, and I help others learn the music and motions for our choir competitions. Singing is a gift from God to me. I would also like to visit Israel someday to see the places where Jesus ministered to others. Please pray that God uses me to bring joy to others and for me to grow in my relationship with Him. Thank you.

Arua, Uganda