Lona Dada

Hello! My name is Lona and I am in Senior 4 now. I have been struggling with some of my school subjects but I am working hard to get better. On campus I help with hospitality and cleaning. I am also one of the girls’ captains, which means I oversee some of the girls and make sure they are doing their chores. At church I am in charge of maintaining the uniforms and teaching a Sunday school class. I enjoy cleaning and organizing. I have many friends on campus, but my closest ones are Priscilla, Susan, and Scovia.

Something I have learned this year is that I should “stand for Jesus” in whatever circumstances come my way. My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 because it reminds me that God has good plans for me. Will you please pray for my health, studies, and for peace in South Sudan?


Arua, Uganda