Scovia Sitima

Hello! My name is Scovia, and I am in the final grade level, Senior 4. Because I am older, I help around the campus with hospitality, serving meals, and cleaning. In my free time I like to read novels, organize, and hang out with my friends. Almost everyone is my friend, but my closest ones are probably Lona and Dunia. Some things I struggle with are math, being too social, and sometimes being lonely.

At church I teach the preschool Sunday school class, and I sing in the choir. Lately I have been learning about how to stand for Jesus, being content with what you have, and struggling for the best for your future. In the Bible I like to read the parables and the prophetic books. Will you please pray for my country, South Sudan, and that I keep growing in my spiritual walk each day, month, and year?

Arua, Uganda